Thursday, August 21, 2014


Dear Layla Bug,
Summer has come to an end, but really it didn't feel like we even got a summer....
Our warm weather started off awesome! We were all so excited for all our summer adventures we had planned. Aunt Tammi came home for a short visit. You miss her so much and love spending time with her when she is here.

You were so excited to show her your photogenic side....
She has decided to move back home in October for awhile then plan her next life path. We are so excited for her to come home!
School ended and it was time for your first graduation and school pictures. You were so excited to wear your favorite dress for picture day and show "Cooper Dooper". Cooper Dooper is your "boyfriend" at school, is what you have told Momma and Papa. You say he is so funny and so cute. You two run around together holding hands and he tells everyone you are his girlfriend...
Your school pictures turned out adorable! Momma can't believe how beautiful are.
We invited Dramma to come to your first graduation. Her and Momma were both teary eyed that you were already through your first year of school.
Mr. Eric is such an amazing teacher! He made "Batman" diplomas for all his little ones.
Momma and Papa are so thrilled about what your have learned and accomplished with Mr. Eric!
As soon as it got warm enough, Papa and Momma brought out your pool...Dramma's pool is brand spankin' new, so we've been spending our pool days with her rather than our front yard. You can swim to the deep end all by yourself...Of course with your floaty on.
Momma went on a little weekend getaway with a friend and received these pictures from Papa.
Papa will always be your number one guy!
You and Bo Bo anxiously wait for Papa to come home from work everyday.
The weekend before we were to fly to Meme and Pop'ay's house, Dramma took you up to Great Grandma and Grandpa's house for Pioneer Days. You had so much fun! You played with Elliot and Delilah all weekend. 
You two are the best of friends. You call her "Lilah". In just a couple weeks Delilah will be a big sister to "Oliver" and we can't wait to meet him!

You still take "Selfies" with Momma's phone, sometimes without her knowing...
Dress up is still one of your favorite activities to do.
We finally made it to Ohio in June. We were all so excited to see our Ohio Family! You played with Sarah, Molly, Cayden and Mya outside almost everyday!
Meme enjoyed having you all there at her house!
Cayden and Mya couldn't stay the whole time we were there because they were also in a family wedding back in their hometown. We were so happy we got at least some time with them.
We did so much with everyone..
The science center in Cleveland was so much fun! We even got to see an IMAX movie.
We also celebrated Molly's  birthday! She requested a piggy party which was so fun! Momma made her pig cupcakes and you all decorated your own piggy banks.
Next year we are hopefully going back for another special moment....
The main reason we traveled to Ohio was to be in Kevin and Amanda's wedding. Momma, Papa and you were in the wedding!
You and Sarah walked together down the aisle. Sarah was a junior bridesmaid and you were a flower girl.
We even got to meet more family that we hadn't quite got to visit with...EVER.
We danced all night...Including you!
Just a few days after we arrived in Ohio, Momma got some terrible news. Great Grandpa was rushed to the VA for pneumonia and we were told he wouldn't be coming out of the hospital this time. Momma stressed she wouldn't make it home in time to say goodbye. He held on for her though!  Once home, we rushed to the VA to see Great Grandpa. You were so sweet...still afraid of him, but knew he was very sick. You said hi and waved to him, but that was about it. After weeks of suffering Great Grandpa finally took his last breath...
<3 <3 <3
Momma only wishes that you got to know him more and would've grown out of the fear you had towards him. He was the best Grandpa in the whole world and loves us so very much! You love Great Grandma more and more each day. You say, "Grandma is the sweetest! I just love her!" as we all do!
The morning that Grandpa passed Dramma had throat surgery. You came and visited her a few times while she stayed in the hospital. This summer you have been to three different hospitals and saw three different family member's in a hospital bed. Momma sure hope that didn't traumatize you. 
After we got Dramma home from the hospital, she had the urge to make yummy cookies...Which of course you helped bake.


They were sooo yummy...You would not taste them because they weren't your typical cookies. They were crescent roll/cream cheese/chocolate chip cookies which you thought were "disgusting".
Before we new it, it was time for school. You started this past Monday and were so excited !

When Momma went to pick you up she was pulled aside by Mr. Eric, he explained that you were moving to Miss Tonya's class...Which is the next class up! Mr. Eric felt  his class wasn't challenging enough for you. Momma and Papa couldn't be more proud of you Layla Bug.
We can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for the Colorado Lesjak's!
Love you!
Momma & Papa

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  1. What a great blog post! You have had a crazy summer full of so many emotions- you and Tegan are great parents! I can't wait to hear more about school! Layla will be 4 soon!! I can't wait to visit!!